Business case study of disruptive technology development will be taught in the Presidio Graduate School MBA program

After a year-long research effort at General Motors, Presidio Graduate School Professor Dariush Rafinejad has written a case study about how the Chevy VOLT was created. The case study, titled Chevrolet VOLT: A Disruptive Innovation Bridge to Electrified Transportation, details the intricate path of creating the VOLT, including how Chevrolet analyzed product strategy, executed from concept car to mass production, designed for mass appeal, developed its pricing strategy, and launched its product into the market.

The case study emphasizes the challenge of developing of disruptive technology within a large company, whose internal stakeholders often protect the status quo.

“I’m very grateful to the GM Executives who were very forthcoming and provided valuable input,” Dr. Rafinejad said. “It’s so important that we not just show business students how sustainability innovation is managed in a large company, but also how persistence through political and technical challenges is a key ingredient for success.”

He added, “This is one of the reasons we have a Cleantech Certificate Program at PGS, to disseminate the lessons and challenges that companies face bringing disruptive technology to the market.”

The case study will be taught in Presidio Graduate School’s Sustainable Products & Services course, which Dr. Rafinejad teaches, and will be made available for any other programs to use as a teaching tool.

Read the Case Study.