Ryan Cabinte — Aspen Institute Award Video

The Aspen Institute Business and Society Program has announced that Presidio Graduate School Associate Dean Ryan Cabinte will receive the 2014 Aspen Institute Faculty Pioneer Award.

The Faculty Pioneer Award celebrates educators who demonstrate leadership and risk-taking toward curriculum and scholarship that deeply examines the relationships between capital markets, firms, and the public good. This year’s award focuses on faculty whose teaching prompts students to critically examine the intersection of the public and private sectors in value creation and problem solving.

“It’s exciting that the work we’re doing in the MBA program has attracted the attention of the Aspen Institute,” said Ryan Cabinte. “I hope that this award shines a light on the innovative teaching and scholarship by my colleagues throughout PGS’s Sustainable Management programs.”

Professor Cabinte created his course, Market Failure and the Regulatory Environment, in 2011, with the financial and in-kind support of the Lydia B. Stokes Foundation. The course is designed to help MBA students think and manage across business and government sectors and consider the entire institutional playing field when seeking new business solutions. Professor Cabinte’s delivery of the course has earned him PGS’s Outstanding Faculty Award two years running.

Professor Cabinte will be recognized at an award ceremony in New York City on Thursday, October 16. The ceremony will be part of a symposium on business education, organized by the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program and hosted at the Ford Foundation.

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Rachel Fus
Communications Manager